Stamping Stick Machine

Model:             XNY-1000C
Dimension:     3.5×1.8×1.7(M)
Power:            45KW
Capacity:        1T/h
Weight:           8000kg
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Stamping stick machine is to crop straw and forest harvesting residue was dust,compression,stereotypes and other processes,compressed into a fuel briquette curing molding equipment.The fuel compressed into a rod-shaped, small volume,density,without any additives,easy storage and transport,the unit area is increased by ten times the combustion,heat resistance and anti-refining of coal for sexual and close.
Raw Material
Variety of biomass straw (grass,sawdust,sawdust,eucalyptus bark,straw,corn silage,wheat straw,corn stalks,peanut vine,soybean straw,leaves,cottonseed skins and other coarse fodder and cotton stalks,shrubs,forest waste,etc.)

Working Prinple
The device uses screw preload piston stamping,two compression technology, oil forced cooling to ensure that equipment lubrication solution to a common system of rods require a higher moisture content of the raw material and mold wear faster deficiencies.

1.low power consumption,
2.high production efficiency,
3.machine operation,
4.long life,
5.low maintenance characteristics.
Application Fields
Biomass fuels can replace coal,oil,conventional energy,are widely used in industrial production,enterprises,institutions,heating system for urban residents,the residents cooking,fireplaces and high-grade flue-cured tobacco growers,but also as a raw material biomass power generation plants .

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Model HR-1000C
Power 45KW
Output 1.2t/h
Dimentsion 3.5*1.8*1.7m
Products size 10-80mm(diameter)
Shape round rods