Mesh belt dryer

product description
The machine is a continuous flow through drying equipment for better air permeability sheet, strip, granular material drying, dehydrated vegetables, Chinese Herbal Pieces such as high moisture content, and the temperature is not allowed to high material is particularly suitable The dryer has the advantages of fast drying, high evaporation intensity and good product quality. The dewatered cake-like paste material can be dried after being granulated or made into a stick shape.

Performance characteristics
◎ can adjust the air volume, heating temperature, material retention time and feeding speed to get the best drying effect.
◎ Flexible equipment configuration, you can use the net belt washing system and material cooling system.
◎ most of the air recycling, a high degree of energy conservation.
◎ unique air distribution device, the hot air distribution more uniform, to ensure product quality consistency.
◎ heat source can be steam, heat transfer oil, electricity or coal (oil) hot stove supporting.

working principle
The material is evenly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder, and the mesh belt generally adopts a stainless steel wire mesh of 12-60 mesh, and is dragged by a transmission device to move in the dryer. Dryer consists of a number of units, each unit of hot air circulation independently, part of the tail gas discharged by a dedicated exhaust fan, exhaust gas control valve, hot gas from top to bottom or from top to bottom through the network covered with material to complete the heat and The process of quality transfer, take away the material moisture. Mesh belt slowly moving speed can be freely adjusted according to the material temperature, the finished product after drying continuously fall into the receiver. Up and down cycle unit according to user needs can be flexibly equipped, the number of units can also be selected according to need.
Adapt to the material
Dehydrated vegetables, pellets, monosodium glutamate, coconut, organic pigments, synthetic rubber, acrylic fibers, medicines, herbs, small wooden products, plastic products, electronic devices without aging, curing and so on.