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Grain dryer machine

Main features and wide of application

Hongrun machinery production of grain drying machine is using the latest domestic grain drying technology and combined with our many years engaged in grain dryer machine production practice experience developed large-scale tower grain drying equipment. Hongrun design of grain dryer machine based on the northeast cold climate drying of high moisture grain situation,adopt drying technology of multistage drying and multistage retarding.Under the premise of ensuring grain drying effect, improve the processing capacity of the dryer, reduce energy consumption, reduce the drying cost.Hongrun grain dryer machine is suitable to dry processing after grain havest.

Working type:continously type drying machine
Structure and working principle:Hongrun grain drying machine main body structure from top to bottom in the order---Grain storage part ,multi stage drying tempering part,cooling part,unloading grain part,wet grains are putted into hongrun grain drying machine from top and downward flow by gravity,through every stage for example drying, tempering and cooling to evenly discharge the dryer from the unloading section.A grain storage section to ensure the work time is always full of grain drying machine,"Short circuit" phenomenon preventing hot air from emptying without food.It also has a certain warm-up.Inside the high and low 2 material level and the conveyor before drying warehouse interlock,for automatic control of dryer feeding.

The drying and retarding section consists of a multi layer staggered inlet and exhaust angle box;The hot air passes through the air inlet evenly to the whole section of the drying section;With the grain along the transverse direction, inverse, rapid completion of the heat and mass transfer is discharged from the upper lower air outlet.The role of slow Su is mainly for 1 times after drying the food insulation tempering,The grain moisture diffusion to the surface of the grain, eliminate the internal stress, improve food quality, while the intake and outlet side of the grain exchange position, so that the drying is more uniform and into the lower drying section.

After the multi-stage drying of tempering grain in the cooling zone and cold air heat exchange and a small amount of mass transfer to complete the cooling process.Unloading mechanism Hongrun tower grain dryer machine for uniform four wheel volume discharger, stepless speed regulation, speed can be displayed automatically or manually adjust.The grain from the impeller feeder hopper after discharge, by bringing together into a unified outlet, and then discharged into the dryer downstream entrance conveying equipment.

Drying medium from outside natural air,In the hot air machine under the action of the tubular coal-fired hot blast stove heat exchanger to heat the temperature to meet the requirements of the hot air into the drier,Complete the drying of the food and become exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

Water removal range:Hongrun grain drying machine proved by the practice of drying in cold area of northeast grain,under the condition of the environment temperature -20℃ below, the initial moisture is above 30% of the grain drying to a safe moisture of 14%.

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Technical Parameters:
              Model HGT-1000 x 10 HGT-1200 x 12 HGT-1500 x 14
Power 4kw 7.5kw 11kw
Capacity 1~3ton/h 5~7ton/h 8~10ton/h
Diameter of feed materials 0-200*240 mm 0-200*240 mm 0-200*240 mm
Working Temperature stove 300°C stove 300°C 300°C
Consumption of wood waste 20-30kg/h 20-30 kg/h 40-50 kg/h
Overall size Φ1m, length 10 m Φ1.2m,length 15 m Φ2.2m,length 28 m
Weight 6000kg 10000 kg 18000 kg