Sawdust Extruder Machine

Model:                               HR50C
Diameter:                         1.9*0.7*1.45(m)
Power:                               22KW
Capacity:                           320-340kg/h
Weight:                           0.95t 
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The brife introduction of the sawdust extruder machine:
The machine is a latest sawdust exturder machine which can compress sawdust, bamboo, wood, shells, straw and other waste biomass materials into rod briquettes. After carbonization by carbonization furnace, people can get the charcoal sticks to make cooking or boiling,which is more environmentally friendly.

The feature of the sawdust extruder machine:
1. Perfect working performance: Temperature adjusting indicator, it can work steadily at the fixed temperature. Rational structure, it is easy to operate and maintain. 
2. Superior quality of the final products: The solid stick produced by this machine is easy to light with high calorific value, high density which is favorable for transportation.
3. This stick machine makes full use of the wastes of farm and forest. 
4. Uniform size: An inner molding is equipped with the shaping mould, which ensures the shape and final size of the products. 
5. Low investment and energy consumption, high output, high-quality finished products, easy to operate and maintain, etc.

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Machine Model      HR50A    HR50B       HR50C
Capacity 260-280kg/h 300-320kg/h 320-340kg/h
Power 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Output Products Diameter 50mm 50mm 80mm
Machine Dimension 1.7*0.75*1.35(m) 1.8*0.8*1.6(m) 1.85*0.75*1.45(m)
Weight 850kg 900kg 1000kg
Raw Materials Sawdust, wood chips, biomass, etc
Briquette Shape Round, square, hexagonal sticks with holes inside