Scrap furniture board crusher

Model:           HR80 
Dimension:    2.56*2.1*1.55(M)
Power:           45kw
Capacity:       3000kg/h
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1. Introduction
The old furniture plate crusher is a kind of broken pattern for the old stencil,
bamboo sheet, shelf, bracket, tray, new type, large wood crushing equipment,
breaking the traditional process structure,

1) the use of thicker liner: the machine cover with thick wear-resistant liner,
reinforced body;
2) safe inlet: increase the feed port, convenient and quick;
3) thickened steel plate: body thickness of more than 10MM;

Model HR400 HR600 HR800
Dimension/m 1.85*1.2*0.92 2.3*1.6*1.25 2.56*2.1*1.55
Power 18.5kw 37kw 45kw
Output 500-700kg 1000-2000kg 2000-3000kg