Hay Cutter

►1. Product introduction
Hay cutter is used for processing agricultural and animal husbandry feedstuffs such as corn stalks, straw and other agricultural stalks. Agricultural stalks crusher machine is used for farming, animal husbandry, agriculture, biogas and other fields. The processing of straw, pasture and straw is suitable for raising all kinds of livestock. Hay cutter can be used as a motor or diesel engine as a driving, suitable for breeding cattle, sheep, horses, deer and other livestock, farmers become a good helper cut grass.

 ►2. working principle
The new hay cutter is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, feeding mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protective device and rack.
1), feeding institutions: mainly by the feeding station, up and down Cao Kun, set blade, set knife bearing seat.
2), cut off the throwing institutions: mainly by the knife, cutter, locking screws and other components.
3), transmission: mainly by the V-belt, drive shaft, gear, universal joints and other components.
4), walking institutions: mainly composed of caster.
5), protective device: by the protective cover composition.

Model HR40 HR60
Power/kw 7.5 18.5
Capacity/kg 480 1000
Cutter Φ 0.4m 0.6m
Cutter No. 4 6
Weigth 350kg 500kg
Dimension/m 1.25*0.65*0.75 1.8*1.3*0.9