Molded carbon rod

With sawdust (sawdust) as the main raw material, branches, rice hulls, bamboo crumbs, peanut skins, sunflower husk, furfural residue, chaff, bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee shell and North and South crop straws are also crushed Can be used, but the proportion of methods need to find ways to adjust. The drying oven to dry and humidity into the appropriate standard raw materials, after cooling into the molding machine (rod making machine), and then by high temperature, high pressure plasticized into salaries (semi-finished products), the carbonization furnace Variety, usually brick kiln) Carbonization Serve product mechanism charcoal.

1. Environmental Protection: Do not cut down trees, the use of bamboo waste production, turning waste into treasure. The production of ordinary charcoal to cut down trees, destroy the ecological environment.
2. High-energy: fixed carbon content of about 80%, calorific value 7500-8000kcal / kg, while the charcoal fixed carbon content is low, the calorific value of 6500kcal / kg.
3. Clean and hygienic: smokeless charcoal head, no spark burning, natural falling ash residue during the float does not float up, about 3% or 6% ash residue after burning less flammable.
4. Shape rules, reasonable structure, easy to use: a uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, which will help burn and use.
5. Low water content, within 5%: Common charcoal water content.
6. The product does not contain chemicals, non-toxic and odorless, non-polluting, burning a long time and so on.

Mechanism of carbon level classification
Low-temperature charcoal
Low-temperature charcoal, its loose texture, low carbon content, poor mechanical strength, hand pound up, feeling floating, it is mainly used for industrial and agricultural (such as smelting), heating and hot pot.
Medium temperature charcoal
Medium temperature charcoal barbecue charcoal, its texture than the low temperature charcoal, carbon content slightly higher than the low temperature charcoal.Hand up, there are "Shen" feeling.It is mainly used for barbecue, in addition can also be used for agriculture and industry, heating and hot pot Wait.
High-temperature charcoal
High-quality carbon, which is made by the high-temperature furnace. Its hard texture, heavier hand pounding, sinking in the water, knocking can issue a steel tone, its carbon content, volatile and ash small, No flame when burning, burn resistance is 3 times of low temperature charcoal, is 2 times of charcoal.It is suitable for all occasions with charcoal, especially for high grade barbecue and export.

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