Portable Chipper Machine

Model:            HR40
Dimension:  1.25×0.65×0.75(M)
Power:           7.5KW
Capacity:       480kg/h
Weight:          350kg
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Portable Chipper Machine
the introduciton of mobile chipper crusher:
The Portable Chipper Machine is a disc shape wood chipper which can process wood, branches and other hard wood materials into wood chips. The key point is that it is portable, because we add the wheel there, portable chipper crusher is easier for the user to move around to chip the wood.

This Portable Chipper Machine is mainly composed of shaving part, crushing part and fan, especially for crushing of hard wood. It is very fast and sharp, but remembers that do not crush the wood with metals such as nails. For crushing wood with nails, please choose the sawdust crusher.

Model HR40 HR60 HR80
Power/kw 7.5 18.5 22
Capacity/kg 480 1000 1300
Cutter Φ 0.4m 0.6m 0.7m
Cutter No. 4 6 6
Weigth 350kg 500kg 800kg
Dimension/m 1.25*0.65*0.75 1.8*1.3*0.9 2.1*1.5*1.3