Sawdust crusher

Model:            HR400
Dimension:   1.85*1.2*0.92(M)
Power:           18.5KW
Capacity:       500-700kg/h
Weight:          700kg
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Product Introduction:
Sawdust crusher is character simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency. Sawdust crusher is also called wood sawdust crusher. Wood sawdust crusher is wood crusher machine for making sawdust. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this crushing equipment adopts self-section desig to awoid dangers to users. Wood crusher machine for making sawdust combines both chipping and crushing in one machine making sawdust in one passage and there is no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs.

Features of Sawdust Crusher:
1. Simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency.
2. Wood sawdust crusher combines both chipping and crushing in one machine making sawdust in one passage and there is no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs.
3. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this crushing equipment adopts self-section design to avoid dangers to users.

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Sawdust Crusher- an Ideal Machine Used for Simple and Effective Operation

Among other crushers, customers need to pick the best class structures on evaluating the standard solution. Based on crushing needs, it could equip with lots of things to design and avoid hassles to users. With the help of our sawdust crushers, it immediately makes customers satisfactory to achieve passage, and there is a need to use further. We are leading manufacturer for Sawdust crusher that denotes changes concerning dangers avoid anytime. It implements the safety measurements and solves it based on the machine making process. It then carries out one result that immediately works for a long time. Thus, it combines chipping that delivers outstanding benefits in providing wood chipper.

High end crushing needs

Furthermore, it associates with reliable and smooth operation done according to the decisive role. Thus, it quickly imparts to grab more features when it comes to using for industrial applications. So it provides self-section design which could do its benefits in accessing it quickly. More features include one passage that cannot ignore with pre-processing of wood logs. We could do it according to the structure and follows it based on the crushing equipment self-section. There is no need to grab its danger; instead, it could take place an average solution for machining. It ensures security because it provides self-esteem results to every user.

Improves requirements

It is highly useful for crushing that could efficiently operate with security features. Therefore, it is necessary for one to make use of wood chipper to do the best level. The Sawdust crusher optimizes to manage overall results by implementing basic requirements for avoiding dangers. Thus, it is straightforward as well as an active role for managing whole wood sawdust crusher. It depends on equipment handle with machine making process. So, one must get out latest and hassle-free crusher to do the process well.

     Model HR400 HR600 HR800
Dimension/m 1.85*1.2*0.92 2.3*1.6*1.25 2.56*2.1*1.55
Power 18.5kw 37kw 45kw
Output 500-700kg 1000-2000kg 2000-3000kg